Now that the arches were sorted, and I was finished messing around with paint and sprays, I could turn my attention to what was in them, i.e. the brakes and suspension.  Brakes were first up and were in reasonably poor condition.  The pads needed changing and the right rear caliper seemed to be seized.  The fronts had seen better days also. 

A refurbished set of front calipers were procured.  These were supplied in standard grey finish, so naturally had to be sprayed red before being adorned with the white decals. 

New standard OEM Brembo discs and pads all completed the fronts, and an inspection of the brake lines showed up no issues so they were ok to return to service.  While I was in there, the stone guard was removed, cleaned up, rust treated as per the chassis and sprayed black to finish it off.

The rears were trickier, due to the complication of the hand brake and also the unavailability of brake calipers.  On the parking brake, this was taken apart and inspected.  Some of the fasteners were a bit cruddy but by and large these were in good condition.  In less good condition were the rear stone guards which suffered from corrosion.  These were ground off and binned. 

The parking brake was reassembled, checked for tension and adjusted and worked fine.  

Without a rear caliper assembly being available, the rear caliper had to be rebuilt.  I started off by removing the old pads and cleaned up the caliper, which had a lot of brake dust and general grime on it.  The fitting kit was removed, and the pistons and seals all removed for inspection.  THe pistons had some corrosion on the exposed part at the lip but cleaned up ok and moved freely once reinstalled with the new seal kit.  A new fitting kit completed the job, before they housed, again an OEM set of Brembo discs and pads.

The last body of work was the biggest pain, bleeding the brakes. Since the whole system had been drained down, the system needed to be filled from empty and purged of all the air. This was a pain and took a number of nights of removing one corner, opening up bleed nipples, pumping the brake pedal, closing the bleed nipples, topping up and repeat….and repeat.

I love a really hard pedal and I couldn’t quite get it rock hard but they work fine, they bite, but I still feel there is a little bit too much travel before the initial bite. That’s probably me being fussy and driving more modern machinery since this came off the road.

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